Hej, I'm Christoph!

Building things has always been my favorite: Lego was my most-loved toy from early on, followed by my father's workshop. Later on I wrote my first programs in QBasic, Pascal, and Delphi. As I wanted to become an astronomer, I created programs to calculate the positions of the moon and planets and catalogize stars, nebulae, and galaxies.

My professional career was early on fueled by some amazing people I've met who again encouraged a different way of thinking: understanding the status quo, questioning it and going beyond. However, change was hard, the type of industry pretty conservative and the wish for actual change limited. So I moved on, became part of a medical startup in Vienna and lately started working as a freelancer developer for web applications.

I enjoy my work because I still like to create things, create concepts and put them into life. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing your work out there in the wild, being used by dozens, hundreds and thousands of people.